We're used to working as a team. We believe that our strength is not only based on professionalism and above-standard cooperation of all professions, but also on good interpersonal relationships and strong motivation to achieve common goals.

The studio was established in 1992, when it was formed from the team of studio No.1 of the then Stavoprojekt Liberec, which was gradually closing down its activities.

The studio was founded and headed by two architects - Pavel Švancer and Pavel Vaněček. The fact that both of them had the opportunity to work abroad (France) in the past made the post-revolutionary transition to the principles of market economy and private business much easier.

Today's form of the studio is based on many years of experience and tradition built on the principle of teamwork.In 2012, Pavel Švancer was replaced in the management of the studio by architect Jakub Hlaváč, who brought experience from his several years of work in the studio TSE Group Ltd. in New Zealand. There, he actively participated in the implementation of large construction projects in New Zealand and Asia.

What we can do

An architect is a guide who accompanies the client on the way to realizing his building plan, his dream. He or she conducts a dialogue, listens and coordinates the resulting impulses into the form of a building. The greatest adventure for us is to formulate visions together, to translate them into visual material in discussion and then to bring them to life. This is exactly the kind of architecture we want to make, which is why we work with our clients from the conceptual design stage onwards. Together, we look for all the connections and the final solution is subordinated to them.

We provide complete architectural and design services both on the scale of individual buildings and on the level of larger areas:

From urban planning to building projects, interior and design projects. Solutions for residential and civil buildings. Cultural, sacred, industrial, sports buildings.

Recently, we have specialized in work in the field of health and social buildings, with a professional background of consultants in the field, new buildings and reconstruction.

All relevant professions are represented in the studio and, if necessary, it works closely with other offices, especially the structural office in Liberec. The studio's portfolio includes a diverse range of specific buildings and building complexes in Liberec and throughout the Czech Republic.Translated with.
Every real adventure is created
WHEN fantasy CRUSHES INTO reality.
Karel Čapek